Here’s a list of all the activities that happened and are going to happen:

March 2018 — Haarlem near Amsterdam, Netherlands

For our third meeting, we checked out Haarlem and Amsterdam. We visited a museum with crippled baby corpses, a nerd convention, stayed faithful to our tradition and took a guided city tour through Haarlem, visited a windmill, hell, boat trip, prostitution museum, oh so much going on! Too lazy to summarize.

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August 2017 — Berlin, Germany

We camped in the South of Berlin for five nights and did lots of stuff. On Saturday we went on an epic hike around the camping area. If you're in Berlin, exploring Nazi stuff is obligatory, so on Sunday we visited the underworlds of Berlin and had a picnic at Tempelhofer Feld, an abandoned airport. Monday was about sight-seeing. We took an alternative city tour through the street art of Berlin and then we watched some actual sights. In the evenings we sat around a camp fire and were awesome. This was our second meeting and it was even a bit amazinger than the first one for some reason. Probably because there was more bonding time.

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December 2016 — Cluj-Napoca, Romania

We occupied a hostel for a weekend and did cool stuff all over the place. On Saturday we visited the shit out of that peasant museum and took a guided tour through Cluj which is full of history and interestingness. On Sunday we went to Salina Turda, a famous salt mine which is now a touristic attraction. However, the whole thing was more about the fantastic WaitButWhy-ish atmosphere, about connections and friendships that were created and about the ideas and awesomenesses that were spread and all this pathetic stuff. Most of all: We started something back then, which is now that you read this probably years later probably a huge thing.

For a detailed report, check out the detailed report!