Welcome [back]! Here’s what happened:

29. February 2020 — Fourth meeting canceled.

Due to reasons and difficulties, we had to cancel the Sibiu meeting. We will head back to the drawing board and come up with a better plan.

15. January 2020 — Planning for the fourth meeting has commenced!

Check the Events section for details.

10. April 2018 — Third meeting done.

Check out the report!

12. March 2018 — Third meeting getting into hot phase, website alive and kicking

As everyone in the mailing list has been sufficiently annoyed about, the third meeting is going to take place. Check out details in the Events section.
Also, after having dealt with all the issues that modern technology requires modern people to deal with, our homepage is back up and running, as you are currently experiencing.

11. August 2017 — The second meeting took place in Berlin and it was crazy cool.

Read all about it here (but only if you were there or you can handle the massive fomo).

3. June 2017 — Planning for the next meeting has commenced!

Check the Events section for details.

15. January 2017 — goes online!

Yeah well, not much to say about that, is there. Here is how it looked back then: